Chemical Anchors

When fixing to concrete in high-load structural applications, it is suggested that you use a chemical anchor. What Are Chemical Anchors These types of fixers are used to secure threaded rod and rebar in high-load and critical fixings. The process involves properly cleaning the hole then applying a flexible adhesive to the fixture rather than […]

Sleeve Anchors

Also referred to as two-step bolts or anchor bolts, Sleeve Anchors are a style of fastener that fixes items to concrete or masonry. They’re commonly used to attach two or more concrete structures or to connect objects including a shelf to a brick wall. This anchor includes a solid metal screw or stud that features […]

Weld Stud Concrete Anchors

Also known as a Headed Concrete Weld Stud, a Weld Stud Concrete Anchor is unthreaded and includes an upset head. The fastener is commonly used for anchoring steel plates and shapes into concrete structures. The stud anchors can be made of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, brass, copper, gold, silver or any of a […]

Drop In Anchors

Drop In Anchors are internally threaded, deformation-controlled expansion anchors with a pre-assembled expander plug. They are ideal for flush mount application in solid base material and for securing transformers and meters, ceiling fans, cable trays, pipe hanging and electrical light fixtures. The anchors are available in three materials: Carbon steel, zinc plated 304 stainless steel […]

Simpson Titen HD® Screw Anchor

Designed for use in cracked and uncracked concrete and uncracked masonry, the Simpson Titen HD Anchor is a high-strength carbon steel screw that offers low torque during installation. It features a zinc plated or mechanically galvanized finish. It’s ideal for dry, non-corrosive conditions or temporary outdoor applications. It also qualifies for static and seismic loading […]

The Thin Wall Bolt

Also known as the TW Bolt, the Thin Wall Bolt is a blind fixing fastener that is used along with cladding material or lightweight steel sheets. This particular fastener is convenient to use and performs excellently. When it’s fitted, the only thing visible is the low profile head. While the stud cannot be seen, the […]

Blind Bolt Fixing Terms

Blind Bolts are probably one of the most adaptable fasteners there is. In fact, people who use them and have knowledge as to how they work have created new uses for them. The recent innovations in the bolt have made fixing it into a box section or girder cavity fairly simple. Moreover, these bolts make […]