What’s The Differences Between A Die Grinder And An Angle Grinder?

There might be some confusion about two tools Abrafast offers –- the die grinder and the angle grinder. Although they are similar, the two have distinct differences in appearance and application capabilities. The main differences between the two grinders are their design, size, and power. An angle grinder is for cutting and rough grinding while […]

Angle Grinders

If your job is in construction, then there will be times when you would need an angle grinder. This tool is ideal for grinding welds to a smooth finish, cutting pipe for plumbing, severing bolts, and chopping rebar for reinforcing concrete. It is also good for removing paint or rust, cutting concrete, stone, and ceramics […]

Metabo Slicer Plus Cutting Wheel

A Metabo Slicer Plus Cutting Wheel is a cutting disc made of aluminum oxide and coated with ceramic that is designed to cut hardened metals including carbon or stainless steel, high tensile and hast alloys, Inconel, and titanium in construction applications. It has an extremely fast cutting rate and turns as fast as 12225 maximum […]

SET-3G Adhesive

Created to serve as an anchor in concrete construction, SET-3G™ is a two component high-strength epoxy-based adhesive used to secure threaded rods and reinforcing bars in concrete material. It can be applied in a downward, horizontal. It is qualified for use in structures assigned to Seismic Design Categories A through F. Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures the […]

Blind Bolt Specifications

When you’re in need of a structural fastener that offers more muscle and adaptability than a common rivet or weld, then your choice should be a blind bolt. Developed to establish strong connections that common rivets or hex bolts aren’t capable of achieving, blind bolts have been around for decades and used for repairing and […]

Wedge Anchors

Excellent for setting immediately Can be loaded immediately Simple to install. It can be set in a bottomless hole. Simpson Wedge-All Wedge Anchor This variation of Wedge Anchor is non-bottom-bearing and features a wedge-style expansion mechanism for use in solid concrete or grout-filled masonry. It is available in carbon steel with zinc or mechanically galvanized […]

Chemical Anchors

When fixing to concrete in high-load structural applications, it is suggested that you use a chemical anchor. What Are Chemical Anchors These types of fixers are used to secure threaded rod and rebar in high-load and critical fixings. The process involves properly cleaning the hole then applying a flexible adhesive to the fixture rather than […]

Sleeve Anchors

Also referred to as two-step bolts or anchor bolts, Sleeve Anchors are a style of fastener that fixes items to concrete or masonry. They’re commonly used to attach two or more concrete structures or to connect objects including a shelf to a brick wall. This anchor includes a solid metal screw or stud that features […]

Weld Stud Concrete Anchors

Also known as a Headed Concrete Weld Stud, a Weld Stud Concrete Anchor is unthreaded and includes an upset head. The fastener is commonly used for anchoring steel plates and shapes into concrete structures. The stud anchors can be made of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, brass, copper, gold, silver or any of a […]