The Temperature At Installation Of AT-XP® High-Strength Acrylic Adhesive

Simpson Strong-Tie Company has notified suppliers concerning the installation of their threaded rod and rebar anchors with AT-XP High-Strength Acrylic Adhesive. The company has conducted tests in compliance with the ISO 17025-2005 accredited regulations of anchor systems. Based on the tests, Simpson Strong-Tie has announced that there was no reduction in the load values. Anchors […]

Blind Bolt Evaluation Report

Each year the ICC Evaluation Service performs an analysis of blind bolts to assure that everyone is on the same page involving material used in the bolts, how the bolts are used, a general description on how the bolts should be constructed, and explanation of installation procedures. This is a review of the January 2021 […]

What Is A Threaded Rod?

New employees now getting involved in the electrical, general construction, OEM, pipe valve or fitting industries have probably been introduced to the threaded rod. Threaded along its length, the rod is used in the various trades mentioned. Which threaded rod is used in particular application depends on a number of variables including thread direction, the […]

Beveling Tools

Abrafast carries a number of Metabo beveling tools that are designed to break sharp edges, prepare visible edges, and perform weld seam preparation. The machines are extremely powerful and include a chamfer height of up to 15mm or 45°. The cordless beveling tool (#KFM18LTX3RF), which is also included in our inventory, has the most powerful […]

PTX Linear Grinding And Finishing System

AbraFast is offering the PTX Eco Smart Linear Grinding and Finishing System specifically designed to be used on flat, square, and curved surfaces and open or closed pipes that are made of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, wood, or rigid plastic. Ideal for coarse grinding to remove welds, deep scratches, oxidation, rut, and […]

What’s The Differences Between A Die Grinder And An Angle Grinder?

There might be some confusion about two tools Abrafast offers –- the die grinder and the angle grinder. Although they are similar, the two have distinct differences in appearance and application capabilities. The main differences between the two grinders are their design, size, and power. An angle grinder is for cutting and rough grinding while […]