Heavy Duty Blind Bolt

The Blind Bolt is available in a variety of styles, including the heavy duty blind bolt.

Developed as a shorter blind fixing bolt, the heavy-duty bolt, known as the HD Bolt, offers enhanced performance when the shear plane being fixed falls across the legs of a standard Blind Bolt.

The heavy-duty bolt is the ideal solution when you need to fix heavy weight steel sections. The bolt features a unique pin locking mechanism as well as an expanding base, which combine to assure strength with a simple activation process.

Tools that are needed to install an HD Blind Bolt include:

  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Spanner

When installing alternative products, specialist equipment is required. Therefore, the fact that you need only three tools to perform the installation assures shorter installation time and cost savings.

Benefits Of The HD Blind Bolt

This particular style of bolt offers a variety of advantages that are not available on other bolts. The benefits include:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • No need for an oversized hole
  • A Geomet 500B coating that offers 1000 hours of salt spray protection.
  • Assures a more efficient assembly
  • The presence of a unique pin locking facility that is patented in the USA

Testing Terms

Of course, the goal of the HD bolt is to secure components. To do this successfully, the bolt has specific criteria. The criteria involve the way the bolt is measured and includes:

  • Minimum Fixing Thickness
  • Maximum Fixing Thickness
  • Depth Of Clearance
  • Shear Strength Over Thread
  • Tensile Strength

Minimum Fixing Thickness

The minimum fixing thickness applies to the minimum distance that each bolt is able to fix. The figure used to make the calculation is the overall thickness of the materials being clamped.

Maximum Fixing Thickness

The maximum fixing thickness involves the maximum distance that each bolt is able to clamp. The figure used for this calculation is the overall thickness of the materials being clamped.

Depth Of Clearance

The depth of clearance involves the minimum space necessary within a cavity wall for the legs on the HD Bolt to deploy successfully.

The measurement must be made with care when fixing the bolt into steel hollow sections so that the bolt doesn’t reach the opposite section wall before it is properly installed.

Shear Strength Over Thread

Shear strength over thread involves the shear plane produced when the materials being clamped together falls over the threaded section of the bolt.

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a HD bolt is the pull out force necessary for the bolt to fail when a tensile load is acting upon it.

These terms will assist you when you are reviewing the testing results of the particular HD blind bolt with which you are working.

How To Install A HD Blind Bolt

Two charts are important in the process of installing a HD blind bolt –- a clamp range and depth clearance chart and the pre-load tightening torque chart.

Product CodeBolt SizeHole DiameterClamp RangeDepth Clearance
HD0845ZFM8 x 4587 – 2510
HD1045ZFM10 x 45107 – 2512
HD1060ZFM10 x 60107 – 4012
HD1245ZFM12 x 45128 – 2215
HD1260ZFM12 x 60128 – 3715
HD1660ZFM16 x 601612 – 3025
HD1675ZFM16 x 751612 – 4525
HD2070ZFM20 x 702015 – 3230
HD2085ZFM20 x 852015 – 4730

Recommended Pre-load Tightening Torque

Bolt SizeGeomet 500BA4-70 Stainless Steel

There are three steps involved in the installation of the HD blind bolt.

  1. Using the clamp range depth clearance chart, drill a proper fixing hole into both components to be connected. Be sure to note the clamping range and depth clearance requirements.
  2. Use the hammer to strike the activation pin at the head of the bolt to force apart the anchoring legs at the base of the bolt into their locked position. The process should be complete when the bolt is flush with the bolt head.
  3. Use the spanner to brace the HD bolt to the machined flats at the head of the bolt. Use the wrench to tighten the bolt to the recommended pre-load torque.

No doubt it is obvious to professionals who deal with fasteners that one size does not fit all. You need to select the proper fastener for the job.

The staff at AbraFast.com is knowledgeable of the advantages and disadvantages of every fastener we carry. So you can be assured that we will direct you to the proper fastener for the job at hand.

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