Beveling Tools

Abrafast carries a number of Metabo beveling tools that are designed to break sharp edges, prepare visible edges, and perform weld seam preparation. The machines are extremely powerful and include a chamfer height of up to 15mm or 45°.

The cordless beveling tool (#KFM18LTX3RF), which is also included in our inventory, has the most powerful 18-volt battery pack for a beveling tool on the market today. It’s ideal for chamfers of up to 4mm and radii of up to 3mm.

Compact Beveling Tools

The two compact beveling tools included in our stock are ideal for 45° chamfers and radii from 2mm to 3mm at visible edges. Whether the tool battery-powered or not it is well suited for breaking and rounding of drilled and punched edges, chamfering of pipes and deburring of sheet metal with contours.

Uniformed surfaces are created during the cutting process that need no additional rework and forms perfect radii for optimal preparation of edges for coating. Moreover, with this tool there is absolutely no problem in doing filigree deburring of straight sheet metal. In fact, it can also create straight edges, curves, and outer contours of a 13mm radius as well as curves or chamfers. The machine is designed to permanently hold the cutting head. Only the carbide indexable inserts have to be replaced. The cutting depth of the machine can be changed without tools in 0.1mm progressions due to a patented one-touch controller. The machine also features integrated stop points support for fast operation as it protects against unintentional adjustment of the cutting depth during operation.

Beveling Tools For Weld Seam Preparation

The three large beveling tools being offered perform fast work patterns and precise results in preparing weld seams. They’re ideal for all relevant chamfer angles of 0° up to 90° and will process flat materials and pipes. The KFM 16-15F, which is one of the most powerful metal beveling tools, offers 1,600 watts of rated input power and manages a chamfer height of up to 15mm at 45°

Metabo tools also permit more precise working than angle grinders. The results of its work are clean, oxide and burr-free surfaces without any discoloration of the material. The tool allows you to set chamfer angle and height directly through the guide plates. The cutting depth can be adjusted from the one-touch controller without tools in steps of 0.1mm. The machine also includes a stop roller that permits the outside curvature of pipes of 75mm precisely and effortlessly. These machines achieve perfect results faster, safer, and cheaper than any comparable tool from the competition.

Carbide Indexable Inserts For Beveling Tools Available

We also offer the Metabo accessory-matching carbide indexable inserts for beveling tools. Indexable inserts for deburring and rounding for small, more compact tools as well as indexable inserts for weld seam preparation for larger models are available.

There is also a cordless beveling tool that features an 18-volt battery pack that accommodates Li-Power and Li-HD 18-volt batteries.

For more information on our Metabo line of tools our staff of knowledgeable sales people are here to answer all your questions.