Flexible Grinding Wheels

Various types of industrial projects require grinding wheels, but traditional grinding wheels might not always be sufficient to get the job done. There might be times when you require a wheel that is able to contour to a surface to offer you the best results. Fortunately, there are other types of grinding wheels, known as flexible grinding wheels, that are designed to do basically the same thing as traditional grinding wheels, only they are flexible in their nature to accommodate your needs more.

The type of flexible grinding wheels that we offer you is Type 27 flexible grinding wheels. This type of wheel allows you to remove material in as aggressive of a manner as regular grinding wheels. However, the wheels also flex to contour to the surface and provide you with a smooth finish without gouging the surface that you’re working on. Additionally, they also allow you to blend and finish the surface just as if there was a sanding disc attached to it as well. Therefore, they serve as innovative tools that combine the functions of more than one type of industrial tool into one compact unit. These types of wheels also feature a faster stock removal than standard depressed center wheels.

These wheels are also ideal for a variety of applications, because they allow you to grind and finish your material all with one wheel, and they don’t require any loading or glazing. Our wheels come in various sizes, including 4 ½ inches X 1/8 inches X 7/8 inches and 5 inches X 1/8 inches X 7/8 inches. The types of metal that these wheels can be used on include ferrous metals, iron, steel, stainless steel, and various other types. Virtually any type of metal you have, these types of wheels can be used on it.

No matter what type of project you’re undertaking, we are sure to have the tools in our inventory here at Abrafast.com to assist you. Not only do we carry a variety of types of wheels in our inventory, but we also carry everything from sag rods and anchor systems to annular cutters and structural products.