High Speed Gas Saw Blades

When you’re undertaking an industrial or construction project, you might be in need of certain types of tools to assist you with the completion of your project. No matter what types of tools you are in need of, we are sure to have the abrasive products you need here at Abrafast.com. One of the most essential types of tools you could need for construction jobs and other types of applications is a high speed gas saw blade.

High speed gas saw blades are ideal for cutting various types of metal, as well as cutting concrete. They are used in a multitude of construction cutting applications–and for good reason. They greatly assist in the cutting of metal and concrete and make the job much easier to get done. Not only that, but they also can help you cut your materials in the most efficient and precise manner possible.

All of our gas saw blades are designed to be versatile, durable, and provide you with high performance. They come in two sizes as well: 12 inches or 14 inches. Their arbor holes come in 20 mm diameters or 1 inch diameters. Select from ones designed specifically for cutting metal or ones designed specifically for cutting concrete. Additionally, all of our blades are designed to provide you with a long-lasting cutting life and fast action. Not only are they constructed of premium grains, but they are also reinforced with three layers of fiberglass so that they provide you with a smooth and safe cutting experience. These blades are German engineered to offer you the best performance in the field and consistent quality and results. Designed for use with portable gas powered saws, they are one of most advantageous and useful products that we offer.

We offer a variety of other industrial products as well. No matter what type of product you require for your project, we are sure to have it in our inventory here at Abrafast.com. We carry everything from anchor systems, sag rods and blind bolts to portable magnetic drills and annular cutters in our inventory. The next time you’re in need of abrasive products for your industrial or construction project, turn to Abrafast.com.