Resin Fiber Sanding Discs

No matter what type of industrial project you’re undertaking, you’re sure to require some sanding discs at some point or another. One of the best and more popular types of sanding discs available on the market is resin fibre sanding discs. These types of discs offer great performance and fast cutting. Plus, they are designed to grind, deburr, and polish metals. Not only that, but they are also ideal for use on welds and stainless steel materials.

At, we offer three primary types of resin fibre sanding discs. All of our discs are manufactured with a high quality abrasive grain and feature strong bonds and heavy-duty fiber backing. They are also resistant to tearing, glazing, and loading even when they are used on the toughest types of applications. The three types of these discs that we offer includes ones constructed of oxide, ones constructed of zirconia, and ones constructed of premium grade ceramic. The oxide discs offer you good performance, the zirconia ones offer you better performance, and the premium grade ceramic discs offer you the best performance.

Additionally, we even offer all our blades in quick change models that are designed to offer you the least amount of down time changing discs. Our quick change discs are able to be changed much more quickly than regular fibre sanding discs. All of our different types of discs are also more ideal for certain purposes than others. Our oxide discs are most suited for metalworking and automotive applications as well as body fillers, plastics, fiberglass, and paint. Our zirconia discs provide cool cutting that is faster than that of the oxide discs. Our ceramic discs utilize the latest in fibre technology and feature an extremely hard grain that actually sharpens itself during operation.

No matter what type of application you’re undertaking that requires sanding, we have the discs in our inventory to accommodate your needs. Not only that, but we also have a variety of other types of industrial tools in our inventory as well from speed gas saw blades and anchor systems to blind bolts and finishing and polishing tools. Therefore, no matter what you’re looking for, turn to

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