Anchor Bolts & Sag Rods

We custom manufacture your specific needs for all “L” Shaped Anchor Bolts, Straight Anchor Bolts and Sag Rods.

We have the ability to make it quick and ship it quick to meet your needs. We carry a variety of grades of material so we can turn your special order around quickly!

We primarily manufacture “Made in the USA” Steel to ASTM Grade 36, 55 , & 105. Available in Plain Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized and Stainless Steel

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Anchor Bolts and Sag Rods – Supplies to Operate Efficiently

Anchor bolts and sag rods can be essential supplies your company needs to operate efficiently. However, finding the ones that are the specifications you need isn’t always the easiest of tasks. That’s why at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc., we take the hard work out of finding anchor bolts and sag rods. Instead of requiring you to search for the supplies that meet your specifications, we will simply custom design them for you, so you know they’ll be compatible with what you need them for.

Simply contact us with your “L-shaped” needs, discuss them with us, and we’ll create a custom design that is perfect for meeting your specifications. We carry a variety of grades of materials, so we have everything on hand that is needed to manufacture your bolts and rods quickly. We can create your bolts and rods in hot-dipped galvanized steel, plain steel, or stainless steel. Plus, because we have all the resources on hand to manufacture them quickly, we will ship them to you in a timely fashion. We realize that you likely need your products as quickly as possible, and we don’t want to decrease your efficiency by holding you up on getting the supplies you need. That’s why we make and ship your customized products quickly.

There are two ways that you can speak with us about getting your own bolts and rods custom designed. You can either call us to get a free quote or you can inquire with us via email. Either way, we promise to respond to you in a timely manner and get your project started as quickly as possible.

No matter what your particular business needs, we are more than happy to accommodate you. If you’ve searched high and low for bolts and rods and still can’t find ones that meet your specifications, there is no need to worry—we can custom fabricate them for you! Let us design the products you need here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc.