CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills and Drill Accessories

CS Unitec offers a wide selection of Portable Magnetic Drills.  Ranging from:
-Large Diameter Holes up to 5-1/8″
-Tapping up to 1-5/8″
-Pneumatic – For Hazardous Areas
-Hydraulic – For Marine & Construction – Works Underwater

Portable magnetic drills have been used in the steel fabricating and erection industry for quite some time. Lightweight and economical allows for easy use your job site or in your shop. CS Unitec and Unibor are the two leading manufacturers of portable magnetic drill in today’s market. We offer a large range of drills for today’s ever changing marketplace.

Abrafast offers drills from low profile to fit in tight spaces to a drill large enough to drill up to a 5-1/8” hole. We offer magnetic drills that are pneumatic for hazardous areas and ATEX certified. Hydraulic units for marine and underwater construction. We also offer drills that can tap up 1-5/8”.

Portable magnetic drills can be used in limitless applications and save time and money for contractors. Bridge construction and commercial construction are two premier industries that use and benefit from portable magnetic drills.

Jacobs chucks, countersinks, reamers and taps are used on portable magnetic drills to make the contractor feel confident that they are using right tools for the job.