Chemical Anchoring

We offer an array of different anchoring systems from steel stud type anchors to adhesive anchors. We offer anchoring solutions from Light Duty to Heavy Duty.

Two-part epoxy systems are designed for maximum strength connection into concrete and masonry. While the installation time is increased versus a traditional mechanical anchor, you gain maximum strength to make sure the job is done right. Knowing which product is right for your application is typically designed in the engineering phase of most projects and typically will carry an or equal. Simpson has epoxy products designed to set the standard in the industry, but also can be used as an equal in almost all situations and typically for much less cost.

Conditions and temperature are tow major factors in deciding which epoxy to go with. It is key to understanding what epoxies are designed for areas throughout the country. AT-XP is designed for fast cure times and will also set in colder temperatures, whereas, Set-XP and Set-3G are slower set times and can only be used to around 40 degrees of the base material. Which is why many construction companies in the climates where the winters get closer than 40 degrees like to use AT-XP all year round so they are only using one product. Determining the right tube size for your application is based upon your desired tool size and usage of product.

Chemical Anchoring - Adhesives, Dispensing Tools, Mixing Nozzles

Dispensing tools come in a assortment of different styles from cordless to standard hand pump. They can accommodate tubes as large as 56oz. to 10oz. tubes that are standard caulking gun sizes. Finding the right one for your application is key.

Anchoring Screens are used in applications where there is a void in the masonry or could potentially have a void. The screens help ensure that the epoxy adheres to the masonry properly and you have a proper connection.

From rebar doweling on a high-traffic infrastructure retrofit project to do-it-yourself projects, Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide variety of adhesive anchoring products to meet virtually any need.

Our strong, versatile epoxy-based adhesives are ideal for anchoring threaded rod, rebar and smooth dowels in an assortment of base materials. And our acrylic formulations deliver consistent performance for high-strength anchor grouting in a wide range of weather conditions — curing fast even in water-saturated concrete.