No matter what type of project you’re working on, you are sure to be in need of some sort of anchoring system at some point or another. If you’re working on something that utilizes concrete as a medium, you might find yourself in need of adhesive chemical anchoring systems. At Abrafast, we have the adhesive chemical anchoring systems in our inventory to accommodate your needs.

Our chemical adhesive anchoring systems are specially designed to work with concrete. We have two major types of chemical adhesive anchoring systems products. One of them is our MKT VME injection cartridge that is designed for use with cracked and non-cracked concrete. This product is a two-part epoxy that is extremely high strength, which is what makes it durable enough to work for both cracked and non-cracked concrete.

The other chemical adhesive anchoring system product that we carry is our Simpson ATXP fast-curing anchoring system. It is also designed for use with cracked and non-cracked concrete. However, it utilizes the latest and most innovative technology on the market to provide the highest strength of anchorage of rebar and threaded rod concrete. This product is ideal for usage in a variety of conditions and is specially designed to withstand them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold; this product will dispense from its tube with ease and can be applied with ease under any type of weather conditions.

Both of these products are ideal for anchoring into virtually any type of concrete. No matter whether you need to anchor into hollow masonry or solid concrete, we have the epoxy solution for you here at Abrafast. We also carry a variety of other products in our inventory designed to assist you with your anchoring system needs. Some of the other types of anchors that we have in our inventory include:

  • Wedge anchors
  • Sleeve anchors
  • Concrete screw anchors
  • Drop-in female anchors

We also have anchor bolts, sag rods, and all the tools you could need to help you achieve successful completion of your project. Therefore, the next time you’re in need of any epoxy or supplies for your project, turn to Abrafast.