Finishing and Polishing

Finishing and polishing are two of the most important construction tasks builders have to conduct. Once you’re done constructing a certain area, you need to finish and polish it to give it that final completed look. There is a variety of finishing and polishing tools on the market designed to assist in this process. We have a large selection of these types of tools here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc. No matter what type of finishing or polishing tool you need, we are sure to have something that can accommodate your needs.

One type of finishing tool we have at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc. is our PTX polishing system. The PTX polishing system utilizes multi-functional grinding for flat surfaces. It can do everything from coarse to very fine grinds to provide you with a high-gloss finish. Not only do we have the PTX machines themselves, but we also have a variety of accessories for them as well, such as barrels, wheels, and sleeves. Perhaps one of the largest benefits to PTX systems is that their polishing wheels can be changed within just seconds.

We also offer PIPE-MAX systems that are combination grinders and pipe belt sanders. This relatively flexible tool is most ideal for sanding pipes or handrails. The unique sanding belt of this grinder follows every contour of pipes to provide an unparalleled high-gloss finish.

We also carry VARILEX systems that have extremely powerful motors. These types of polishing and finishing systems are so complex that they are commonly utilized for heavy industrial use. These machines can swap out discs in just seconds, which is part of what makes them so advantageous.

No matter what type of polishing and finishing system you want, we have the products to accommodate you at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc.