PIPE-MAX Belt Grinder

PIPE-MAX Machines & Accessories

The PIPE-MAX is a combination grinder and pipe belt sander. The front hard rubber contact roller drives the abrasive belt to grind flat surfaces. It removes weld seams in a straight line, without leaving edges or a wavy finish.

For sanding pipes or handrails, it is a flexible tool. The sanding belt follows every contour to grind and polish up to a high-gloss finish. The belt wraps around the pipe and requires only a few steps to polish the entire circumference. It is ideal for stainless steel, aluminum and high-quality metals.

  • For sanding pipes from small to large diameter, up to 12″
  • Grinds weld seams on flat surfaces – leaves no edges
  • Powerful 14.5 Amp motor and variable-speed control from 950 to 3500 RPM
  • Quick and easy tool-free changing of sanding belts
  • Ideal for stainless steel and aluminum

Pipe Max

It is imperative that professionals working in construction and industrial facilities have access to the high-quality products that facilitate superior performance and craftsmanship on the job. While having the right tools and products for the job can improve efficiency, it also can create more satisfied customers and even reduce overhead in some cases. Abrafast is a trusted supplier of abrasive and fastening tools and supplies, and we strive to provide our valued clients with superior products that can facilitate a wide range of functions and tasks. The Pipe Max is a unique product that providers both grinding and sanding features in one unit.

When you take a closer look at what the Pipe Max offers, you may determine that it is ideal for your functions. It is commonly used for standing rounded objects like handrails or pipes. It boasts a rubber contact roller that has a hard rubber surface on the front, and this creates friction on the belt to sand and grind flat surfaces. This feature also can remove seams with a straight line, and it can create a wavy surface. While it is suitable for flat surfaces, it also can be used for rounded or contoured surfaces. Its features provide a semi-gloss or high-gloss look. Because it is designed to contour around the entire surface, it can get the job done with minimal time and effort. The product is ideal for use with aluminum, stainless steel and other types of metals. It has a powerful motor, and it is designed for sanding surfaces that are up to a foot in diameter.

If you are interested in purchasing the Pipe Max or other related products, you can take a closer look at the sanding and grinding products and their features through Abrafast. This is just one of many types of tools and equipment that you can purchase at a great price. We understand that you need access to your equipment and tools without delay, and we can ship most orders directly to you without delay. With this and numerous other products available at great prices, Abrafast is your trusted resource for all types of supplies and products that you need to purchase for your work needs.

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