The VARILEX® boasts a powerful motor up to 12.27 Amp, 1350 W that has been designed and developed for heavy industrial use. The speed is infinitely adjustable between 2000 and 7300 RPM. A tachogenerator keeps the speed constant, even when the grinder is operating at full load.

Sensitive variable-speed control makes the VARILEX® ideal for use with both flap discs and grinding and cutting wheels. This feature:

  • Doubles the service life of a flap disc
  • Prevents glazing of the disc and heat deformation on the workpiece
  • Drastically reduces the noise level

The VARILEX® differs from a conventional angle grinder in its ability to change discs in seconds, without tools, using the patented EASY-LOCK clamping nut and spindle lock. It also offers:

Optimal speed setting for a range of grinding and polishing tools, yielding perfect results every time

A balanced handle that ensures fatigue-free grinding

When you are in the market to purchase new equipment and supplies for heavy industrial use in your facility, you want to rely on Abrafast for all of your needs. At Abrafast, we are committed to your satisfaction with all of our products, and we strive to provide you with the quality products that can streamline tasks and improve efficiency in your facility. These are products that enhance functionality and promote superior craftsmanship. While you can find all of the products that you need through Abrafast, one innovative product is the Varilex. This is a product suitable for use in demanding, heavy-duty industrial functions.

The Varilex is a grinder that has intense power, and it operates with speed that varies between 2,000 and 7,300 RPMs. Its unique tachogenerator is designed to help the grinder function with a constant, steady speed even when it is in use or has a full load. It also has a variable speed function. You can use the product with various wheels and flaps, such as grinding and cutting wheels as well as flap discs. These different tools can enhance the use of the machine, prevent the discs from glazing or becoming deformed when exposed to high levels of heat and minimize the noise level when the machine is in use. In addition, you can also change the discs quickly and clamp the nuts and spindle lock in place with minimal time and effort with the innovative design. This is a tool that is designed to give you precise, perfect results with each use.

If you are interested in purchasing the Varilex or any of the related discs and wheels that are designed to be used with it, Abrafast is your best resource. We carry all of the supplies you need to continue to use the equipment in demanding situations, and you can enjoy a great price on your order. Whether you are purchasing the grinder today or you need to purchase replacement supplies, you can complete your order quickly and easily with the fast, online shopping process through Abrafast.