Concrete Screw Anchors

  • Large & Small Diameter Concrete Screw Anchors
  • Diameter ranges from 3/16″ through 1/2″ with varying lengths available

When you’re in need of concrete screw anchors, you need look no further than Abrafast. We have all the concrete screw anchors that you could need for virtually any project that you’re working on. Plus, at Abrafast, we take pride in offering our customers quality products that they can count on. You never have to worry about purchasing products that don’t live up to our quality standards when you shop with us.

Our concrete screw anchors are specially designed to work with any kind of concrete that you could be using in your construction project. No matter what you need to anchor to concrete, we can assist you with doing so with our complete line of products. We realize that different customers have different needs and that no one project is the same. You might be working on a small at-home, do-it-yourself project, whereas another customer might be working on a large scale construction project for a construction firm. Regardless of whether your needs are big or small, we are sure to have the concrete screws to assist you in your anchoring tasks.

We offer our concrete screws in various lengths and diameters, from ones as small in diameter as 3/16 of an inch to ones as large in diameter as ½ inch. On top of that, our lengths range all the way up to two inches long to assist you with those more difficult anchoring tasks.

We also realize that when you come to us for concrete screws, you also might be in need of various other construction supplies. That is why we are also proud to offer numerous other types of construction and anchoring supplies to fit your needs. We always want to be your one-stop source for all your adhesive and anchoring needs, which is why we offer you virtually any type of adhesive and anchoring supply that you can think of. Some of the other types of these products that we offer include adhesive and mechanical anchoring systems, blind bolts, sag rods, weld studs and even tape measures. No matter what type of supplies you need, turn to Abrafast.

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