Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve Type Anchors – Zinc Plated & 304 Stainless Steel


  • Length of sleeve makes anchor more forgiving than a wedge anchor and induces less stress on the substrate
  • Can be used in solid or hollow masonry
  • Works in a bottomless hole
  • Required hole diameter equals anchor diameter
  • Supplied assembled with 4 possible head styles

Head Styles Available

  • Hex Nut
  • Flat Head
  • Round Head

Sleeve Anchors

Anchoring systems are arguably one of the most important elements of your construction project, because without anything to anchor your pieces together, they will not hold. Rather, they will fall apart, and all your hard work will be wasted. Therefore, while picking out something like screws, anchor sleeves and anchors might not seem as significant as selecting the larger components of your construction project, it is, in fact, one of the most significant steps in the entire process.

You want to ensure that you purchase quality sleeve anchors, screws and other pieces of the anchoring systems that you’re going to use. At Abrafast, you never have to worry about the quality of the parts that you’re receiving from us because we only carry the best in our inventory. We truly care about our customers and their projects and only want to offer you quality products that we ourselves would use in our own construction projects.

No matter how large or how small your project is, we are sure to have something to accommodate you. We have large screws, small screws and ones in various diameters. Therefore, no matter what your project requires, we are sure to have something stocked that can accommodate your needs. Our sleeves are specially designed to provide support to both solid and hollow masonry. Consequently, when you decide to purchase your sleeves from us, you don’t have to worry about them not holding up.

Our sleeves come in various forms as well. For instance, we have zinc plated ones, acorn nut ones, round head ones, flathead ones and hex nut style ones. One of the most advantageous aspects about our sleeves is that they work in bottomless holes as well, which provides you with more innovation when working on your projects.

We also know that there are various other types of supplies that you might need for your projects as well. For instance, we have everything from mechanical anchoring systems to tape measures to accommodate even your most basic of construction needs. At Abrafast, we are proud to assist you with all your construction supply needs.