CS Unitec Portable Magnetic Drills offers the finest German motors available and offer a wide variety to fit your specific drilling needs! We also carry Magnetic Cleanup Wands, Starter Kits Countersinks and Geared Chuck Adapters!

Employees in a variety of industries might find themselves in need of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters. We are proud to say that here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc., we have all the portable magnetic drills and annular cutters you could possibly need for your business solutions. We specialize in delivering premier products to the industries we serve, and although our main focus in the past has been on providing products to the steel industry, nowadays we serve numerous other industries as well with our innovative manufacturing solutions.

Our portable drills are constructed with the finest German motors available on the market. When you purchase one of our drills, you can be assured that you are getting a top-notch product. We have a wide variety of portable drills for you to choose from as well, so finding one that meets your specifications shouldn’t be a problem.

Our drills come in lightweight, economical, large diameter, pneumatic, and many more varieties. Additionally, we offer hydraulic portable magnetic drills designed specifically for working underwater in marine and underwater construction industries.