Metal Cutting Saws & Blades

We offer an assortment of Dry-Cut Metal Saws and blades.  So whether you’re in the field or working in your shop you’ll be able to find the tools that will get your job done right.  Each saw has unique blades designed to cut an array if different metals.

Metal cutting saws and blades are essential tools for any construction project. The difference between the ease of a construction project and the difficulty of it can be greatly influenced by the quality of metal cutting saws and blades used for the project. For instance, blades that aren’t of a high quality or are dull and worn out can result in uneven cutting, errors, and other mistakes that can result in more work in the long run. However, metal cutting saws that feature high-quality blades make the task of cutting much easier and efficient.

We offer two primary types of metal cutting saws at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc. Our bandsaw machine comes with 10 premium blades. This bandsaw is not only portable, but it also comes with the capability to cut an array of different metals. No matter what your construction project, you will be able to complete it with this saw. Regardless of if you need a saw simply for working on hobbies in your shop or for professional field work, we have one that can accommodate your needs.

The other type of saw that we offer is our chopsaw. Chopsaws are popular solutions for a variety of building projects. They aren’t as expensive as bandsaws, but they also don’t have the cutting capacities of bandsaws. However, they are ideal for smaller construction projects or ones that don’t require you to cut through as many different types of materials. Our 14-inch dry cutting chopsaw is a top-of-the-line product that can assist you with virtually any cutting project you have.

Even if all you need are replacement blades for your saws, we have them in stock here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc. For all your saw and cutting needs, turn to us. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and always strive to ship your products in a timely manner, usually the same day you place your order. Browse our inventory today to find the saw that best suits your needs.