CS Unitec 11-Head Pneumatic Deck Hammer w/ SF11 Cruciform He…



CS Unitec
11-Head Pneumatic Deck Hammer w/ SF11 Cruciform Heads 159.5910

CS Unitec’s ScaleForce Eleven-Head Pneumatic Deck Hammer; with 33;000 BPM; will fracture and reduce scale; corrosion and thick coatings in minutes. The machine’s low profile body and adjustable handle mean the deck hammer needs only 6 clearance for working under pipes and other constructions.


Includes Vibro-Lo vibration reduction technology.
Detachable taper fit cutter head reduces cost of replacement and extends piston life.
Optional vacuum shroud reduces hazardous and nuisance dust when used with an industrial vacuum.
Operates with 8x less vibration than standard models.
Utilizes vibration damping components to offset the hammer vibration created when the heads impact the workpiece.

Dimensions (WxLxH) 11.1″ x 47.6″
Cutting Width 10″
Blows per Min. 33;000
CFM @ 90 PSI 70
Noise Level dB(a) 113.1
Vibration Levels m/s2 5.76
IMPA 590405
ISSA 5509501

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Weight 84 lbs