CS Unitec 7″ 20Ah Wall Chaser EMF 180


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CS Unitec
7 20Ah Wall Chaser EMF 180


Cuts parallel grooves up to 2-2/5″ wide by 2-2/5″ (60mm) depth.
Ideal for milling channels for laying cable; conduit or pipe.
Works as close as 5/8″ from an edge or a corner.
Closed vacuum shroud for efficient dust collection; easy removal of fragments through vacuum hose lock.
Compact with parallel grips for easy handling.
Motor overload protection with optical overload indicator.

Power Input 20 Amp
Rated Voltage 110 V
Load Speed 2200 RPM
No-Load Speed 3100 RPM
Blade Diaer 7″
Arbor Size 7/8″
Max. Slot Width 2-2/5″ (60mm)
Max. Milling Depth 2-2/5″ (60mm)

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Weight 18 lbs