CS Unitec 7″ Concrete Grinder 20 AMP EBS 180 F



CS Unitec
CS Unitec 7 Concrete Grinder 20 AMP EBS 180 F


Powerful 2500 W motor
Electronic soft start; temperature control and over current cut-off
Foldable front edge of dust guard for grinding directly to the edge of the work area (no laborious reworking; saves time and costs)
Brush rim high suction power for dust-free working by connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner (accessory) to the 35 mm nozzle
Locking for suction hose avoids unintentional loosening of the hose during grinding
Tilt-adjustable floor guiding device and additional handle adjustable in height optimal adjustment to the body height of the operator for a comfortable guiding

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Weight 40 lbs