CS Unitec AirPac Dryer/Cleaner CSAP-2



CS Unitec
AirPac Dryer/Cleaner CSAP-2

How it works: Air compressors compress air into small areas – this causes heat; which contains moisture. As heated air travels through air lines; it cools; creating water droplets. When this air/water mixture enters the AirPac; it travels through a baffle that traps the water and dirt and drops it into a holding area. When enough water is accumulated; a float allows the water and dirt to be automatically ejected. Dry air then enters the lubricator and is mixed with oil and sent to the tool.


Removes 98% of water and contaminants from both portable and stationary compressed air systems to protect pneumatic tools.
Totally automatic – a float valve automatically ejects the accumulated water and dirt.
Maintenance-free – no filters or parts to replace or service.
Includes automatic 1/2 pint oiler; prevents tools from freezing in cold environments.
Two tool outlets; Chicago couplings on all connections.

Max. Air 185 CFM
Weight 40 LBS

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Weight 44 lbs