CS Unitec SKF 025 Beveling Machine, 15 to 60 Deg. Beveling Angle


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CS Unitec
Deburring and Chamfering Technology
Continuously adjustable angle (0 to 60) and land width up to 3/4
Robust design; single operator control and easy handling; designed for continuous operation with smooth roller guides
Anti-vibration system protects electronics and allows for more comfortable operation
Includes one milling head and 10 indexable inserts for fast al removal and extended tool life
Work on welding angles and weld preparation on pipes/tubes with a minimum OD of 6-1/4″ (160mm) with built-in pipe roller guide; ideal for beveling pipe 6-1/4″ OD and larger
Beveling angle 0 – 60
Bevel width (max.)** 3/4″
Motor power 10 Amp
Voltage 110 V (220 V / 50 Hz also available)
Cutting speed 1800 SFPM
Cutting inserts 10
Dimensions (LxH): 16-1/2″ x 13″
Weight: 43 lbs.

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Weight 42 lbs