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CS Unitec
TwinMix Portable Automatic Mixing Station w/ Timer TWINMIX 1800 TFR

Make the tough; often time-consuming process of mixing high-viscosity materials easy with the TwinMix 1800 TFR portable mixing station. This mixing station streamlines the blending of materials with a medium to high thickness while protecting against dust and other contaminants. The robust two-speed; 15-amp motor is built in Germany and designed to outlast and outperform. A provided canister cover and dust extraction port reduce airborne dust and splatter. Also; the pouring cart enables workers to perform clean; accurate pours. Continuous batch mixing is possible with the addition of one or more extra carts.


Up to 2000 lbs. of production output per hour.
Optional timer and second cart cuts labor and production time in half – one user can mix a new batch while pouring the previous batch!
Ideal for mixing heavy and trowel urethanes; brick and heavy mortar; filler and leveling compounds; plaster; thin-bed mortars and other high-viscosity materials.
Two contra-rotating paddles thoroughly combine compounds into a homogeneous; lump-free mixture.
Dust extraction port collects dust while adding materials and mixing.
Timer for automatic mixing.
Dual mixing paddle with scraper.
Replaceable liners for easy cleanup and prevention of cross contamination.
Dust extraction port for connection to industrial vacuum.
Front Pouring cart (optional side pour cart available).
Brush-lined inlet tube for dust containment.
Ergonomic handles and large wheels for easy mobility.
Safety switch disables motor when hood is lifted during mixing.
Transport carts and buckets can also be used with handheld mixer.

Power 15 AMP / 110 V
Bucket Capacity 17 gallons
Helical Rod Speed 250 / 450 RPM
Scraper Paddle Speed 20 / 36 RPM

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Weight 250 lbs