SET-3G Adhesive

Created to serve as an anchor in concrete construction, SET-3G™ is a two component high-strength epoxy-based adhesive used to secure threaded rods and reinforcing bars in concrete material. It can be applied in a downward, horizontal. It is qualified for use in structures assigned to Seismic Design Categories A through F. Simpson Strong-Tie manufactures the product.

Unlike SET-XP, an adhesive anchor also manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie, SET-3G adhesive can be installed in concrete with a temperature as low as 40°F. SET-XP needs the concrete temperature to be a minimum 50°F for proper installation. In addition, SET 3G combats long-term creep and hole moisture more effectively than SET-XP and SET-3G offers greater bond strength in both uncracked and cracked concrete.

The substance requires a minimum concrete thickness of the anchor embedment plus two times the diameter of the hole. This permits the anchor to be embedded deeper in thinner base materials to ensure its strength.

Although it is true that a roto-hammer bit placed near the back surface of the wall can cause concrete spall when using SET-3G, this problem can be avoided by switching the roto-hammer to rotation-mode only toward the end of the drilling depth to prevent spalling during installation. Drilling time, however, may be increased slightly.

SET-3G can be used for post-installed reinforcing. The post-installed reinforcing bar design ACI318-14 regulations does not restrict the use of SET-3G.

Set-3G offers superior bond-strength even in long-term elevated temperatures of up to 110°F.

It can be specified for dry or water-saturated conditions when the service temperature range is from -40°F to 100°F

Ductile solutions for high bond strengths can be achieved making the substance ideal for areas of high seismic occurrence.

The epoxy is available in two cartridge configurations –- 8.5 oz. coaxial and 22-oz. The side-by-side cartridges are dispersed manually via battery powered or pneumatic dispensing tool.

Installation takes just a few minutes.

The items you will need for installation include:

  • A threaded rod, piece of rebar or sealed dowel.
  • A roto-hammer.
  • Bosch Speed Clean™ DXS Dust Extraction System.
  • A knife
  • A battery-powered or pneumatic dispensing tool.
  • A cartridge of SET 3G Adhesive with nozzle.
  1. Drill the hole using a roto-hammer.
  2. Clean the hole using the Bosch Speed Clean™ DXS Dust Extraction System.
  3. Remove the tip of the tube with the knife.
  4. Attach the nozzle to the top of the cartridge. The nozzle is packed with the cartridge.
  5. Connect the assembly into the dispenser.
  6. Apply a little of the epoxy to the side to assure that the two components are mixing properly. It should be gray in color.
  7. Fill the hole half to two-thirds full with epoxy.
  8. Insert the rod into the hole. Twist is back and forth to eliminate air bubbles. As you are working the rod in the hole you should see a little bit of epoxy at the top of the hole to ensure that the hole is properly filled.
  9. Allow the epoxy to cure for approximately 24 to 48-hours.

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