The Strength and Flexibility of Blind Bolts

If the typical rivet is not cutting it, it is time to move onto a fastener that offers greater strength and flexibility. offers blind bolts that go beyond the traditional rivet, forging a fit where rivets fail. Beyond the strength they provide, blind bolts are extremely easy to install and can be installed from one side through holes drilled ahead of time. They save architects a tremendous amount of time and hassle in the design and the building process. Because of the blind bolt, there is no need for welding or to involve costly tools to achieve a strong connection.

Blind bolts continue to be a best selling product is home to abrasive and fastening solutions and has delivered premier products to a variety of industries, mostly the steel fabrication industry, needing our specialized products. Year after year, blind bolts continue to be a best selling product and it is no wonder. These fastening devices are revolutionary, offering fastening capability in steel applications that have no backside access. Simply insert the blind bolt, tighten the nut, and components are successfully connected – no tools necessary! Engineers and architects alike are extremely grateful for the ease and efficiency that blind bolts afford to them in their work.

Affordable, corrosion resistant, and well-priced blind bolts

Through you can find affordable, corrosion resistant, and well-priced blind bolts for your next project, ideal when you have access restricted on one side of the structure. In this case, you have the option to weld and to drill an oversized hole, which involve using expensive power tools. In fact, our blind bolts can even be removed easily and quickly. Blind bolts provide an easy alternative for connecting the hollow selections. A lot of our customers are looking for a way to avoid unsightly, oversized holes. With blind bolts, you can attach the bolts directly into steel tubes and bypass this eyesore entirely. offers a wide variety of metric sizes that are available upon request. Regardless of the needs of your construction project, we have solutions to fit.

An easier way to complete your project is right around the corner, as we offer blind bolts in two different finishes, dacralon and stainless steel. Together with our customers we discuss which options work better for your construction project. Many of our customers find that using blind bolts helps them cut down on their construction costs, and cost aside, they forge a stronger bond than the traditional rivet. If you have tried hex bolts and traditional rivets and have experienced failure, it is worth giving blind bolts a try in your current or upcoming project.

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