The Temperature At Installation Of AT-XP® High-Strength Acrylic Adhesive

Simpson Strong-Tie Company has notified suppliers concerning the installation of their threaded rod and rebar anchors with AT-XP High-Strength Acrylic Adhesive.

The company has conducted tests in compliance with the ISO 17025-2005 accredited regulations of anchor systems.

Based on the tests, Simpson Strong-Tie has announced that there was no reduction in the load values. Anchors were installed into concrete that had a temperature of 0°F (-18°C). The company has published a table that explains the gel and cure time involving installation into concrete with temperatures ranging from 0°F and 14°F (-18°C and -10°C). The test installation followed the requirements of instructions supplied by Simpson for the AT-XP cartridge of the company’s Anchoring, Fastening, and Restoration Systems Catalog (C-A-2018).

The test found that the temperature of the AT-XP cartridge should be at least 65°F (+18°C) when used in anchor installations into concrete that has a temperature of 0°F and 14°F (-18°C and -10°C). The staff at Abrafast is well versed with the installation of Simpson Strong-Tie Company products and will answer any questions you have concerning the use of AT-XP® High-Strength Acrylic Adhesive in any installation. For more information call us at (630) 882-9010.