The Thin Wall Bolt

Also known as the TW Bolt, the Thin Wall Bolt is a blind fixing fastener that is used along with cladding material or lightweight steel sheets.

This particular fastener is convenient to use and performs excellently. When it’s fitted, the only thing visible is the low profile head. While the stud cannot be seen, the bolt assures a high shear competence.

The TW Bolt has a few benefits not found on other bolts. They include:

  • Quick and simple installation.
  • No oversized hole required.
  • Toughness due to a zinc electroplate finish.
  • Ensures a more efficient assembly.

Defining Testing Terms

Because of its distinctive and advanced design, the TW Bolt requires that certain precise standards be met to ensure that it is applied properly.

It is helpful to understand these standards so that you are aware of how each bolt is measured.

There are four standards involved with measurements associated to the TW Bolt. They are:

  • Minimum fixing thickness
  • Maximum fixing thickness
  • Tensile strength
  • Depth clearance

Minimum Fixing Thickness

The minimum fixing thickness is the measurement that each bolt is able to fix. To make this calculation, simply measure the distance each bolt is able to fix.

Maximum Fixing Thickness

The maximum fixing thickness is the measurement of the maximum distance each TW bolt is able to clamp.

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a TW bolt is the pull out force necessary for it to fail. This measurement involves the tensile load acting upon the bolt after fixing.

Depth Clearance

This refers to the minimum space required within a cavity wall for the legs of the TW Bolt to position properly. This measurement is crucial because it involves the proper fixing into steel hollow sections so that the bolt does not reach as far as the opposite section wall before it is properly installed.

Installation Instructions

There are two styles of TW Bolts. Each type has a specific hole diameter.

  • 5/16’’
  • 3/8’’
  • 1/2’’
  • 11/16’’

Items you will need to perform the installation include:

  • Thin Wall Bolt
  • Drill
  • Thin Wall Spanner

Four steps are involved in installing the TW Bolt properly.

  1. Use the drill to cut a hole with the diameter based on the bolt part number being used.
  2. Insert the TW Bolt into the fixing hole. Ensure that the components of the bolt are finger tight.
  3. Use the thin wall spanner and brace the activating collar of the bolt to ensure that the bolt has been fully inserted into the fixing hole.
  4. Use the drill to tighten the TW Bolt until the anchoring legs has successfully expanded at the rear of the fixing.

Learning about the use of Blind Bolts shows that one size does not fit all. You need to select the proper fastener for the job.

The staff at is knowledgeable of the advantages and disadvantages of every fastener we carry. So you can be assured that we will direct you to the proper fastener for the job at hand.

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