Abrafast Introduces New Low Profile Magnetic Drill

Abrafast is now offering the Unibor ELP50 low profile magnetic drill. The drill is ideal for steel fabricating and erecting applications. It’s only 7-1/4-inches in height and has a cutting depth of 2-inches. Workers will enjoy how it can be used in tight spaces and drill a hole of up to 2-inches diameter through 2-inch thick steel.

Weighing just over 24-lbs., it is one of the lightest magnetic drills in the market capable of drilling 2-inch holes.

It also features variable speed control that allows a user to change speed from 250 RPMs up to 500 RPMs. This allows the user to adjust speed so that the tool can handle 7/16-inch to 13/16-inch cutters at high speeds and 7/8-inch to 2-inch cutters at lower speeds. In addition, since the drill can perform at variable speeds, it can use TCT Carbide Cutters that won’t work properly unless the drill it’s used on can perform at higher speeds. This allows the user to drill holes faster thus reducing labor costs.

Especially popular with bridge builders, it can be operated in tight spaces where replacing rivets with new bolts for rehab applications is common.

In fact, all trades involved in the construction trade will benefit in some manner from using the Unibor ELP50 magnetic drill. The staff at Abrafast is knowledgeable in how to use this drill and can answer any questions you have. We also offer a variety of other drills, which may be better suited for particular applications.