Using Flap Discs To Remove Weld Removal And On Mild Steel

It is not uncommon for construction workers and lawn tractor, mowing equipment and sporting vehicle manufacturers to work with cold rolled steel. The final appearance and finish of these products is vitally important for people that buy them. Visible welds can add to the overall aesthetics of these products. However, it is important for a portion of the welds to be properly removed to ensure a seamless appearance of the surface of the product. A flap disc is an ideal tool for leveling the surface of these products. It is a 3-dimensional tool that features abrasive flaps glued radially to a backing plate. During the grinding process, the abrasive wears down and is automatically replaced with new abrasive that is underneath the worn abrasive.

Generally, laborers that work with these materials would commonly use a 40 grit or above flap disc. Although flap discs have a lower cut rate than a fiber disc, which is another tool that can be used on these items and cuts much faster, flap discs offer a better finish that lasts longer.

Abrafast stocks the PREDATOR™ hard edge flap disc. This tool offers a substantial cut rate resulting in a finish that lasts longer than our competitors’ flap discs. The PREDATOR™ disc features a ceramic grain that assures better per gram removal on mild steel.

Ordinary flap discs can flex over the work surface resulting in grains that shell or shed too soon. This leads to longer grind times and shorter life. Hard edge discs offer a faster cut and the coarse grits last longer because they hold the abrasive grains well.

In addition, the dimensional layering of the flap discs permits frequent contact of the abrasive grains to the surface. The disc has as much working surface as resin fiber discs, but in much smaller diameters. This design assures the versatility of the disc. The disc’s ability to perform integrated grinding helps improve the longevity and cooling of the grinding material.

Although flap discs lack access to tight areas, the mini version of the disc can reach small areas where grinding is required. In addition, the mini flap disc features a Type 5 Quick-lok disc holder that assures the quick changeover of discs.

Visit the Abrafast website for more information on the flap and mini flap disc. Our sales staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the tool.