Tape Measures

Tape measures are used in a variety of industries. Construction and manufacturing industries are commonly come to mind when people think of these types of measures. However, many people also have tape measure devices lying around their homes or for use in their personal shops. Regardless of whether you need a tape measure for professional purposes or for recreational ones, we have virtually any kind of tape measure you could possibly want here at Abrasive and Fastening Solutions, Inc.

There are different types of tape measures, from standard models that require you to hold the strip in place at the end to models that feature magnetic grips. Almost all tape measuring devices nowadays at least have self-lock features that allow them to lock into place. However, ones that feature magnetic tips on them are even easier to use since they are attracted to the metal they are measuring and won’t easily slip back into their cases.

Traditionally, using a tape measure used to require two people. One person had to hold the tape in place while the other person conducted the measurements. However, nowadays it is easier than ever for one person to do the measuring all by him or herself. We carry double-side tape measuring devices in our inventory that make the job of measuring something by yourself even easier. With double-sided tap measuring devices, you don’t have to twist and turn to see the measurements on the other side of the tape. The measurements are featured on both sides.

The whole point of tape measuring devices is to provide you with accurate measurements easily. The tape measuring devices in our inventory are designed to make the measuring process as easy and convenient as possible. Browse our selection of measures for one that suits your needs.